You have to fill an online consent form or the physical BSE/NSE privilege form. Click Here to Register

If you are a registered customer, once you log into your trading account, click My privileges tab (right side bottom) BSE - MF & NSE- MF will be as allowed. Click here to login

No, the user name and password for online Mutual Fund investments will be the same as the user name and password for you trading account.

You can purchase or redeem units of mutual funds via SIP or lump sum  mode. You can also make additional purchase of mutual fund schemes through this online platform. The units will be allotted to your demat account as per settlement period. Click here to login.

‘Fresh’ purchase indicates the purchase Orders that are placed for the selected scheme for the very first time. ‘Additional’ purchases means any incremental purchase of units of the same scheme, which is already available in your demat account. Validation of Fresh and additional purchase is done at the Exchange level. In this case, the acceptance & rejection of transaction type-fresh and additional purchase-is also done by exchange.

All AMCs and its Schemes enabled on the exchanges i.e. NSE and BSE can be purchased through the online platform. At present, you can choose from over 5000 schemes across 37 AMCs. You can also purchase units across various fund categories such as equity, debt, liquid Funds etc

The minimum and maximum amount allowed by the exchange for an order against particular scheme can be viewed in ‘Scheme details’ of a particular scheme in the NAV watch.

1. You have to submit the Conversion Request Form (CRF), along with the Statement of Account (SOA), which enlists your MF holdings.

2. The customer submitting the CRF should declare to DP that units held in his/her name are not in demat form as yet, and no certificates are issued against these units (Note: This self-declaration is contained in the CRF).

3. The customer should submit a separate CRF for multiple SOAs, representing different Scheme names and ISINs held under the same Folio number.

4. The client should submit a separate CRF for each Demat Account held with the DP.

5. The customer should submit a separate CRF for locked in and free units held under the same ISIN Click Here for CRF.

You will get the latest NAV of your MF holding units in your portfolio section/ demat balance. Click here to login

You have to provide the name of the mutual fund and scheme, Investment Amount and the nature of the purchase (if it is a fresh subscription or additional subscription). Once the transaction is completed, the dematerialised units will be credited to your trading account.

You can place MF SIP order from 09:00 am to 12.30 pm on all business days.

Yes, you can cancel or modify the lump sum order till 12.30 pm on the same trading day.
SIP Order can not be modify once placed.

Once you agree with Terms and Conditions and confirm a Purchase/Additional Purchase or Redemption order, your order is placed with the exchange. The screen will display an order reference number. You can use this number to track the status of the order through order book. Alternatively, you will get consolidated emails for all transactions placed i.e. order placement purchase/redeem/modification and cancellation at the end of the trading day. This alert would be sent to your registered email address. For all successful transactions you will receive a confirmation note on T+1 day on your registered email id.

Order placement in mutual fund transaction is facilitated through the existing online/adhoc mechanism. You can place a purchase order only if you hold sufficient funds in your account. In case of redemption order placement, the quantity to be redeemed is marked as hold in the respective demat account.

Once you have placed the order (before 3 pm), it will be processed at the NAV as on the same trading day. However, the units will be allotted to your account as per the scheme settlement period. In case of liquid & L1 schemes the cut off time for placement of order is 11.45 a.m. For all other schemes the cut off time is 3.00 p.m.

Confirmation note containing the purchase transaction details would be generated and emailed to your registered email id or you can check the same in post login reports section. Click here to login

For all orders received in equity schemes up to 3.00 p.m., Net Asset Value (NAV) of the business day will be the rate at which units would be allotted to the investor. For liquid and debt schemes in Normal Category, the NAV applicability will be based on the date of receipt of funds by the AMC, i.e. normally T+1. For liquid schemes in L0 Category, the NAV applicability would be T-1 and in Debt/Equity schemes in L1 Category, the NAV applicability would be T-day. 

The credit of redemption proceeds into your bank account depends on the settlement type of the scheme in which you have placed a redemption order. For example: in case the settlement is of T+1, the proceeds will be credited into the account on T+1 day. The settlement type for the redemption order is mentioned in the confirmation note sent to you.

Yes, Securities Transaction Tax (STT)* of 0.001% will be deducted from the redemption proceeds of the investors.(*STT are government levies and are subject to change from time to time)

Previous days order can be viewed from reports section > MF reports> order details. Click here to login

MF Profit & Loss report is made available to customers under  reports section > MF reports> Profit & loss. Click here to login

For purchase in other than Liquid scheme 12:30 PM, For Purchase in Liquid scheme 12:00 noon.
For Redemption in all schemes 02:30 pm.

You can create MF SIP with 'Create MF SIP' option under Mutual Fund tab.

Yes, NRIs can invest in Mutual Fund.

one电竞(新疆)在线登录 securities Ltd does not charge brokerage on MF transactions. With effect from November 1, 2011, one电竞(新疆)在线登录 Securities Ltd has "opted-in" for transaction charge as per the SEBI circular no. Cir/ IMD/ DF/13/ 2011 dated August 22, 2011.  

For placing order in off market, cut off timing is 12.30 pm onward to next day morning 08:59 am

For Non one电竞(新疆)在线登录 Bank Customer, client needs to transfer the fund into Trading limit to initiate SIP or MF order.
Incase of SIP installment client will transfer the funds into trading limit before 9am on the day of sip  installment.

Fresh SIP which are getting setup during market hours (before 12.30 pm) & If customer is cancelling the SIP on same day then SIP registration gets cancelled but 1st debit will get processed.
SIP Cancellation option for existing /running SIP is available till 12.30 pm.

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