No. Your existing trading account will enable us to register you for DIYSIP.

If you have a trading account with one电竞(新疆)在线登录 securities, you can register online for investing in DIY SIP. Once you log in to your Trading Account, you can click on DIY SIP Tab and create a new SIP Basket. Alternatively, you can invest in DIY SIP by filling up an application form and submitting it in the address, mentioned on the form.

DIYSIP Bucket is a collection of one or more scrips, which have a common trigger date and frequency. You can add up to 10 scrips/ETFs in a single bucket.

You can have different amount/quantity for different DIY SIPs under one basket. However, you cannot have different trigger dates or frequency under one basket. If you want to choose another trigger date/frequency for another DIY SIP, you can create a new basket.

You can buy stocks on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. You can pre-fix the frequency while registering for the DIY SIP

You can choose any date as per your convenience as the trigger date for your DIY SIP.

SIP created for a particular date (say 15th of any month) will get triggered on the 15th of every subsequent month (or next trading day in case 15th of that month is a trading holiday)


When the 1st DIYSIP instruction is triggered on the last calendar day of the month, then all subsequent DIYSIP instructions will also get triggered on the last calendar day of the month (or the next working day if the last calendar day of that month is a trading holiday) of subsequent months.

For example. 1st DIYSIP trigger date is 31st March
Then 2nd DIYSIP trigger date will be 30th April (or the next trading day if 30th April is a trading holiday)
The 3rd DIYSIP trigger date will be 31st May, which is the last day of the month (or next trading day if 31st May is a trading holiday)

Your DIY SIP will get triggered on the next business day

DIY SIP gets triggered subject to availability of necessary funds. The required amount is calculated on the basis of previous business day closing price of the scrip plus 5% buffer. There will not be any partial execution of SIP in case there is a shortfall in the amount.

For each scrip selected by the client in each bucket a separate order will get generated to be sent to the Exchange. The orders will then execute as per the order matching system of the Exchange. However, before the orders are sent to the Exchange various checks with respect to funds, limits etc would be done.

YES, you can add both stocks and ETFs under one SIP basket.

YES, you can have the same stock in different baskets

There are no charges to avail DIY SIP for any of the customer.

There is no separate sign-up charges for multiple applications made on the same day.

You can either fix the amount or the quantity you want to invest in every transaction.

You can create a new DIYSIP digitally through our mobile trading application and online trading portal.

YES, you can modify the existing DIY SIP online though your trading account.

The stock or the ETF units will get credit on T+2 basis, just like the normal settlement process.

Clients are charged as per applicable brokerage rate. The min of brokerage of Rs 25 plus taxes will be applicable to each scrip wise transaction. Minimum brokerage charge is again subject to maximum permissible limit of 2.5% of total contract value.
Example - Mr. Amit has set up a DIYSIP to in stock ABC Ltd as per below detail.
Quantity to be bought - 10 units
Upper Cap - Nil
Frequency - Monthly
Tenure - 60 Months
Trigger Date - 1st
On DIYSIP transaction day the units are bought @ Rs 600/- per share.
The brokerage @ rate of 0.5% will be (10 x 600 x 0.5%)  = Rs 30/-

Hence, Mr. Amit will be charged Rs. 30/- for the transaction. (Other taxes and levis as applicable.)

With the help of QUICK DIYSIP you can start a SIP in our recommended stocks/ETF with just 3 clicks.

Under step up facility for Quick DIYSIP, Investment amount will increase by percentage value selected by the client at the end of every 12 months from the registration date and will keep on increasing at the same percentage at the end of every 12 months till the maturity of the DIYSIP.

No you can only do Amount based SIP in Quick DIYSIP.

No you can do Quick DIYSIP only in HSL Recommended Stocks/ETF .

First trigger of Quick DIYSIP will happen on the same day of registration, if registered during the market hours, otherwise it will get triggered on the next following trading day.

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