How does it work

Creating a Basket : You may create a basket order with Buy / Sell order of multiple stock


Basket 1 –

   Script   Buy / Sell   Market / Limit   Qty  Price  
 1.    State Bank of India   Buy  Market order   100  
2.  State Bank of India   Buy  Limit order   75  Rs. 330 
 3.    Punjab National Bank  Buy   Limit order   200  Rs.  65


Basket 2 –

   Script   Buy / Sell   Market / Limit   Qty  Price  
 1.  Wipro   Sell   Market order  200  
 2.  Infosys   Buy   Limit order  100  780
 3.  TCS  Buy   Limit order   10  2110


Execution of the Basket : Once the basket are created, one can just choose the relevant basket to place the order in single go.

Enjoy the convenience of placing multiple trades in a single click.

Basket order - execute multiple orders in a single go.
You can create multiple orders for same or different securities and club these orders together to be placed in a single go. This helps save time as all the orders in the basket are placed together as opposed to placing each order one by one. Watch the video to understand on how to create and execute a basket of multiple orders.
Bracket Order
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Can I place order for multiple scrips under basket orders

Yes, you can place multiple scrip under basket order and the place it all at once.

Can we create multiple Baskets

Yes, we can create multiple Baskets for a client. A total of 5 baskets can be created under one trading account.

Can I place orders for partial securities held in the basket

Yes, you can place orders for specific securities from the basket. When placing the basket order, you can de-select orders for securities that you don’t want.

Can I create more than 5 baskets

No, maximum of 5 baskets are allowed to be created. In order to create a new basket, you need to delete an existing basket from the previously created 5 baskets.

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