Current Buyback


How to Bid for buyback

Bid for share buyback effortlessly with our trading platforms.

  • mPowered: Buyback instantly by logging into your account from our mPowered trading platform. Go to Equity > Buy Back > Dash Board.
  • Call ‘N’ Trade: Place your share buyback order through centralized dealing desk at 33553366 (prefix local code).

Educational Video

What is Buyback ?
For investors interested in knowing about shares Buyback, this video can explain it all. Watch this video and explore the concept of shares Buyback and how it impacts the company and its shareholders.

Features of Buyback

Make the best of a company’s stock buyback and earn extra premium.

Sell Shares at Premium
To attract greater participation, a company prices its stock buyback at a price higher than market price.

Paperless Application
Apply for stock buyback from the comfort of your home by using tender offer received from the Company's RTA.

Effortless Process
Get the allotted stock buyback amount credited to your bank account and transfer unsold buyback shares to your Demat Account.

Multiple Modes to Apply
Apply for stock buyback through our trading platform or contact your nearest branch or customer care.
Who can apply for Buyback?
There are different requirements for buyback of stock which vary with residential status: If you fall under the category of Resident Indians and HUFs, you can apply for share buyback if you have registered with one电竞(新疆)在线登录 securities Ltd for online trading and investment transactions. If you are a Non-Res...
Can customer modify the orders?

Yes customers can modify the buyback order except Takeover as the modification/ cancellation is not allowed . There are two types of Modifications allowed namely:-

  • Lower Modification: In this case, the additional buyback shares will be on hold till settlement.
  • Upper Modification: In this case, you will have to place a new buyback order for the additional shares.
Can customer cancel the orders?

Yes, customers can cancel the order. However, they can cancel the buyback orders only before the end date of the issue. There shares will be released after the settlement cycle is over.

How will the funds payout happen?
Funds payout for buyback issue will be directly credited by the exchange in respective bank account of the customer. In case of failure of payout by exchange, one电竞(新疆)在线登录 securities Ltd will make the payout deducting the brokerage and statutory charges levied which will be the final payout to the customer....
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