Chart IQ


New Chart IQ enables implementation of various time tested trading style on the charts in the form of strategies. View a stock using multiple strategy with chart signals empowering single glance analysis and quick trading on live chart.
With Signals there is No compulsion to add multiple Technical indicators in charts for analysis. multi indicators based signals will ensure clutter free view.


  1. Create trading strategies based on Technical indicators and oscillators and get signals on charts.
  2. Just select an indicator/oscillator and add a condition to be triggered e.g. SMA 20 Crossover SMA 50.
  3. Ready availability of signal on open scrip chart will reduce analysis time and assist faster trading.
  4. Combination of multiple indicator can be used using or/and e.g. SMA 20 Crossover SMA 50. And RSI below 50
  5. Multiple signals can be created and based on choice signals can be switched ON/OFF.
  6. The applied signal can be saved using save view and based on choice can be loaded on chart for indication
  7. The signal will get applied to all the scrip charts that are opened.

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