Online Registration - Existing HSL Clients

Our existing customers can avail Commodity Derivatives facility through a one-time online registration process by  Clicking here  Once the commodity rights are enabled you can use your trading credentials to login and start trading. 


We constantly strive to keep our customers informed about market opportunities and to achieve that we send SMSes for market updates and recommendations to all our commodity privilege customers. To stop the SMS service simply send an email to [email protected] with the subject line ‘Commodity Stop and your SMS services will be terminated within 48 hours, post appropriate verification. For e.g. Commodity Stop 32090156. 

Benefits of Commodity

Diversification Commodity Benefits - Diversification Commodity Derivative are negatively co-related with stocks and bonds.

Hedge against Inflation Commodity Benefits - Hedge Commodities maintain their value and price even during high inflation.

Leverage play Commodity Benefits - Leveraged Product Commodity Derivative trades on Margin (ranging from as low as 4%).

Enjoy extended trading hours (beyond 3:30 pm) Difficult to manipulate Commodity Derivative have extended trading timing from 9.00 am to 11.30/55 pm.

How to Trade in Commodity

Call our Centralized Dealing Desk and speak to our Commodity Executive Dealers to place their orders. Calling number: 022-49360777.

Alternatively you may also call on the below numbers to reach our Commodity Dealing Desk

67080494-97, 49746338, 49732625, 49724979, 49732633 (prefix STD code - 022).

Educational Videos

Commodity Radar - Bullion Outlook
Watch the video to hear from our Research Analysts- Tapan Patel.
What are Commodities?

Commodities are physical product that has some commercial value and which can be traded —bought, sold, produced or consumed.

What is a Commodity Exchange?

Commodity Exchange is an organized marketplace where one can trade in a standardized commodity contracts.

Which Commodity Exchanges can I Trade in?

Currently, Commodity Derivatives Trading is enabled only for “Multi commodity Exchange of India Ltd (MCX). MCX has the largest market share in Commodity Derivatives. We are already in the process of extending this facility to trade through other exchanges offering commodity derivatives trading.

What are the market timings for Commodity Derivative Trading?

Below are the market timings for Commodity Derivatives Trading:

 Agro-based commodities

 Monday to Friday

 09.00am - 5.00 pm

 Internationally Link Agro (Cotton, CPO, etc.)

 09.00 am – 9.00 pm/9.30pm*

 Precious / Base metals and Energy

 09.00am - 11.30pm/11.55pm*

*During US day light Saving (DST)

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