Currency Options Buyer has the right to trade a specific currency at a pre-set exchange rate or a pre-set date

Currency Futures Traders have a contract to trade specific currency pair quantity at pre-set rate & date

Use of Currency Derivatives


Hedging: Now avail protection against foreign exchange exposures and minimize your losses by taking appropriate positions through hedging with the help of currency derivatives

Trading: With currency options and futures, you can now trade on short-term fluctuations in markets by taking view on directional movement.

Arbitrage: Benefit from currency exchange rates in different markets and different exchanges with currency derivatives trading.

Leverage: With currency futures trading and options trading, you only need to pay a minimal margin of the total value, and not the full traded value.

Derivatives - Trade Activation Procedure

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How to Trade?

With one电竞(新疆)在线登录 securities’ multi-trading platforms, you can conduct Currency Trading in India from your comfort zone using any of our online or offline channels.

1. Internet Trading System: Now place instant trades in currency derivatives by using our mPowered trading platform - an easy to navigate and speedy transactional channel.

2. Call N Trade: Never miss out on currency futures or currency options trading opportunities. Call ‘N’ Trade using our Centralised Dealing Desk, call 33553366 (Prefix STD Code) and speak to our trained telebroking executives to place your order at no extra cost.

3. In store: Click here  to find our nearest branch.


Derivatives are Future and Options contracts which you can buy or sell specific quantity of a particular currency pair at a future date.

What are Currency Derivatives?
Currency Derivatives are futures and options contract where you can buy or sell specific quantities of a particular currency pair at a pre-determined future date. Currency Derivative Trading is similar to Stock Futures and Options trading. However, the underlying asset are currency pairs (such as US...
Why Currency Derivatives?

Offers diversification to your investments--

Hedging opportunities to Importers & exporters, for their future payables and receivables.

Gives trading opportunities because of volatility in currency

Provides transparent rates to traders as it is exchange-traded

Currencies Traded on which all Pairs ?

Forex Trading is done in currency pairs such as.

US Dollar –Indian Rupee Contract (USD-INR)

British Pound –Indian Rupee Contract (GBP –INR)

Japanese Yen –Indian Rupee Contract (JPY-INR)

Euro –Indian Rupee Contract (EUR-INR)

What Is Hedging?
Hedging refers to taking a position in the future market which is opposite to a position in the physical market. Hedging is done with a view to reduce or limit the risk associated with unpredictable changes in the exchange rate. Illustration: A crude oil importer wants to import oil worth USD 1,00,0...
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