Choose from the existing currency pairs available under currency options trading segment to hedge or speculate against price fluctuation of other base currency.

USD-INR Popular currency pair monitored by RBI, resulting in a managed floating rate.

EUR-INR Exotic currency pair having a market determined or floating exchange rate.

GBP-INR Second most popular currency contract with a market determined or floating exchange rate.

JPY-INR Pair with a larger lot size as compared to the other currency contracts.

To trade in currency options

How to Trade?

With one电竞(新疆)在线登录 securities’ multi-trading platforms, you can conduct Currency Trading in India from your comfort zone using any of our online or offline channels.

  1. Internet Trading System: Now place instant trades in currency futures by using our mPowered trading platform - an easy to navigate and speedy transactional channel.
  2. Mobile App: Currency Futures Trading is now easier and quicker with our Mobile Trading App on your Android, iPhone or iPad. Give a miss call on on 08010945114 to download the app.
  3. Call N Trade: Never miss out on currency futures trading opportunities. Call ‘N’ Trade using our Centralised Dealing Desk, call 33553366 (Prefix STD Code) and speak to our trained telebroking executives to place your order at no extra cost.
  4. In store: Click here  to find our nearest branch.

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