Online Privilege

We have taken one step ahead to introduce online Derivative Privilege in Equity. Say Good Bye to physical forms, activate your Derivative Privilege now. The online process is only available for Resident Individual customer. 

Steps for Online Derivative Privilege:

1. ‘Agree to the terms and condition’
2. Authenticate your User ID, Password & DOB
3. Click on ‘Proceed’
4. Select ‘Income Range’
5. Select any ONE income proof (Upload jpg or pdf file up to 3 MB)
6. Click on ‘Submit’

Why Online?

At your Comfort Zone Derivative Privilege - Why Online Secure Do it at Anytime, from Anywhere

Hassle free Derivative Privilege - Why Online No paper. No pen

Auto Status Update Derivative privilege - Auto Update Status Get instant alert on your privilege status

Speedy Speedy Quick process, Saving time

Offline Privilege

You can also avail the benefit of Derivative Privilege through offline mode. Get the privilege by filling in the application form with the required documents.

Steps for Offline Derivative Privilege:

1. For Equity Derivatives: Download Application form (  Annexure 1   )
2. Attach any ONE of the self-attested income proof as mentioned in the List of Documents
3. Send in the duly filled forms to the address mentioned in the application form.

List of Documents

 List of acceptable documents  Conditions, if any
 Copy of ITR Acknowledgement (for last financial year)  Gross annual income should exceed Rs. 1.2 lakh
 Copy of Annual Accounts - for Companies  (for last financial  year)  Gross annual income should exceed Rs. 1.2 lakh
 Copy of Form 16 in case of salary income (for last financial  year)  Gross annual income should exceed Rs. 1.2 lakh
 Net worth certificate (latest one or at the end of last financial  year)  Should be dated and have a minimum value of Rs. 1.2 lakh
 Salary Slip (for one month in current financial year)  Gross Monthly Salary should be more than Rs. 10,000
 Bank account statement for last 6 months*  Minimum balance on a single day should be Rs. 10,000/- or  more
 Copy of demat account Holding statement. (not more than 3  months old) **  The statement should display the value of securities lying in  the  demat account and it should be more than Rs. 10,000/-
 Life insurance policy  (any insurance co. with minimum cover of Rs 2 lakh)
 KVP,NSC,IVP & Bonds  Should be valid as on date of submission and have a  minimum  value of Rs. 10,000/-
 Bank FD's, Corporate FD's  Should be valid as on date of submission and have a  minimum  value of Rs. 10,000/-
 Mutual Fund Statement  Statement should not be more than 2 months old. The latest  NAV  and value should be more than Rs 10,000/-
 Ownership of assest such as Gold  Value as mentioned on the bill should be Rs. 10,000/-
 Letter from Society  The letter should state ownership of the flat. It should be on  the  letter head of the society
 RC book of the vehicle  

*Bank statement as downloaded from the net banking account or photocopy of physical statements should be submitted.
**In case of demat account statement where only holdings are mentioned without valuation, then the same should be manually mentioned on the date on submission should be self attested by the client or the employee of Depository Participant (DP).


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