Key Features

  1. Track your DIYSIP online.

  2. Modify your DIYSIP online as and when you want.

  3. Trade in stocks and ETFs (Gold or Index) online.

  4. Fix the amount or quantity  of fresh orders.

  5. Pause or Restart your DIYSIP online, in case of unforeseen financial emergencies.

Benefits of DIYSIP

Buy pre-decided quantity of best equity SIP stocks at regular intervals over a period of time to suit your needs.

Invest in best equity SIP at affordable rates and plan your amounts without the burden of making lump sum decisions.
Lowers Average Cost
Benefit of DIYSIP include from lower average costs which allow you to cushion yourself against market downturns by staying invested across the entire business cycle.
Power of Research
Make an informed decision by investing in recommended equity SIP Value Picks to minimise the risk factor.
Avoid timing the marketing through a disciplined investing approach and protect yourself during volatile times.
Kick-start your DIYSIP in our recommended stocks/ETFs only with 3 clicks and step up your equity SIP value after a fixed duration.

Research Ideas

Invest in best equity SIP which suit your risk appetite based on popularity – Better known stocks with Medium Risk or Lesser Known with High Risk.

Educational Videos

Start your SIP in Equity
Presenting a SIP investment option in equities! With DIYSIP you can invest in pre-specified quantity of stocks, at regular intervals, over a period of time. To know more visit
How to setup DIYSIP using Mobile App
Setup a SIP in equities with our DIYSIP. Click here to download one电竞(新疆)在线登录 securities Trading App -
DIYSIP - mPowered
Make periodic investment in equities with DIYSIP. Setup a DIYSIP with few clicks.
Small and steady steps can count big in wealth creation

DIYSIP Calculator

Input your pre-defined investment amount and time-frame to calculate the potential returns on your equity SIP investment for any particular fund.

If I had made
investment of  
Months Ago
My investment would be worth with a of %

How to Trade?

Take the DIYSIP way and invest in best equity SIP from your comfort zone with any of our multi-trading online or offline platforms.

  1. Internet Trading System (ITS): Trade in equity SIP instantly and speedily from our easy to navigate mPowered trading platform.
  2. Mobile App: Trade on the go and avail benefits of DIYSIP by downloading our Mobile Trading App on your Android, iPhone or iPad. Give a missed call on 08010945114 to download the app. 
  3. Call N Trade: Never miss out on DIYSIP trading opportunities. Call N Trade using our Centralised Dealing Desk. Call 33553366 (Prefix STD Code) and speak to our trained telebroking executives to place your order at no extra cost.
  4. In Store: Click here to find our nearest branch.


Get all your queries answered here

Does the customer need to open a new demat or trading account for this?

No. Your existing trading account will enable us to register you for DIYSIP.

I want to apply for DIY SIP. What are the ways to register?

If you have a trading account with one电竞(新疆)在线登录 securities, you can register online for investing in DIY SIP. Once you log in to your Trading Account, you can click on DIY SIP Tab and create a new SIP Basket. Alternatively, you can invest in DIY SIP by filling up an application form and submitting it in the address, mentioned on the form.

What is a DIYSIP bucket? How many scrips can I add to one bucket?

DIYSIP Bucket is a collection of one or more scrips, which have a common trigger date and frequency. You can add up to 10 scrips/ETFs in a single bucket.

Can I have different trigger dates and amount/quantity for SIPs in one basket?

You can have different amount/quantity for different DIY SIPs under one basket. However, you cannot have different trigger dates or frequency under one basket. If you want to choose another trigger date/frequency for another DIY SIP, you can create a new basket.

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