Medium Term (3-6 mths)

Unexpected market volatility, often causes confusion when trying to determine hot stocks to invest in medium term. Our research experts go through an exhaustive set of information to offer a detailed research analysis on which stock to hold and which stock to lose.

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Pick of the Week

Stay up-to-date with best stock picks based on a combination of fundamental and technical analysis including momentum plays, which can give handsome returns in the short-to-medium term.

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Success Ratio - Is the ratio of successfully closed calls.

Positional (7 days - 3 mths)

Positional calls are based on technical analysis of the stock by our research experts. The stock ideas here are based on the market movements by examining historical data, like price and volume. Our research experts analyze data & charts for trading signals and price patterns for to identify investment opportunities.

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SIP Ideas

Develop customized investment strategy with our Equity SIP recommended picks. Build a long-term portfolio by investing in smaller quantity of your selected stock on a periodic basis.

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Market Commentary

Tune in to our daily market commentary and gain comprehensive insights on the market sentiments and happenings.

Equity Daily Report 2022 Sep 12
Indian markets could open flat, despite mostly higher Asian markets today and positive US markets on Friday
Equity Daily Report 2022 Sep 09
Nifty 50 Index rose for the second consecutive day, climbing 0.2% or 34.6 to 17833.
Equity Daily Report 2022 Sep 09
Indian markets could open higher, in line with higher Asian markets today and positive US markets on Thursday..…
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Gain valuable insights from our periodic reports on stocks with analysis and comments from our research team after quarterly and yearly corporate result announcements.

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