Key Benefits of ETFs

The major benefits of ETF investments and ETF trading are that ETF stocks provide broad diversification with liquidity at a lower cost. You can simply buy or sell ETF, similar to a stock.

ETF investments give an investor exposure to specific sectors, a basket of stocks, commodities and other relevant products, thus helping him diversify his/her investments.

Exchange Traded Funds are traded directly on the stock exchanges, where one can Buy & Sell ETF stocks at any given point of time.

Lower Costs
The expenses involved while investing in ETFs are lower when compared with Mutual Funds due to several reasons.

ETF Offerings

Index ETFs Diversify and reduce your risks to the minimum by investing in Index Exchange Traded Funds. Returns from Index Exchange Traded Funds investments are directly linked to the index it follows.

Gold ETFs Gold Exchange Traded Funds have proved its worth more than physical Gold. Gold Exchange Traded Funds are safe investment options with the advantage of flexibility.

Other ETFs Bank, Infra, Liquid, and International Exchange Traded Funds are also available for trading. Similar to Index ETFs and Gold ETFs, other Exchange Traded Funds differ in composites.

Educational Video

How to buy Gold ETF
How to buy Gold ETF
What are ETF & types - gold / index / cpsc ?
Looking to invest in Exchange-Traded Funds? Watch this video to understand the concept of ETFs, different types of ETFs and what investing in ETFs offers you.
What is the allotment/listing price of a newly listed ETF NFO?

Since the allotment price for ETF NFO is determined as per the Index price, hence it is not possible to predefine allotment, So customer has to manually edit the ETF listing price in his portfolio to get correct valuation.

How to update ETF NFO allotment/listing price in portfolio ?

There is option to edit the listing price in portfolio from there customer can set listing price to get correct valuation.

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