Derivatives Videos

Introduction to Derivative Trading
For investors who are new to derivatives and are keen to learn about them, this is the right video for you. Watch this video to learn about derivatives trading.
Introduction to futures and options trading.
Want to know how you can benefit from future option trading in derivatives? Watch this video to understand concepts of hedging and risk management and start investing today.
What are Derivative Indicator
What are Derivative Indicator

F&O Offerings

EQUITY DERIVATIVES Derivative instruments whose value is derived from underlying equity securities

CURRENCY DERIVATIVES Derivatives class where F&O trading is done for currency pair instead of stocks

NRI DERIVATIVES Futures and options trading specially designed for Non-Residential Indians

F&O Product Offerings

Derivatives Margin Order Derivatives Margin Order Get the option to carry forward your open position to the next trading day with margin order of derivatives trading in India.

Derivatives Cover Order Derivatives Cover Order Place two opposite orders simultaneously for the same future option trading contract with two-legged cover order

Derivatives Intra-day FNO Product Offerings - Derivatives Intra-day FNO Product Offerings - Derivatives Intra-day

Derivatives - Trade Activation Procedure

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How to trade?

You can now use any of our online or offline multi-trading platforms to invest from your comfort zone. Choose any of the methods to make derivatives trading in India much easier for yourself.

1. Internet Trading System: Now engage in derivatives trading in an instant by using our mPowered trading platform - an easy to navigate and speedy transactional channel.

2. Mobile App: You can now engage in future option trading on the Go with our Mobile Trading App on your Android, i-Phone or i-Pad. Give a miss call on on 08010945114 to download the app.

3. Call N Trade: Never miss out on opportunities in futures trading or options trading. Call N Trade using our Centralised Dealing Desk, call 33553366 (Prefix STD Code) and speak to our trained telebroking executives to palce your order at no extra cost. 

4. In store: Click here  to find our nearest branch.


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Derivatives are financial instruments without any independent value. Their value is derived from underlying assets such as index, stock, commodities bullion or currency. For example, a derivative of ITC share will derive its value from the share price (current market price) of ITC. In derivatives trading, the contract is traded and not the underlying asset.

What are the advantages of derivatives trading?
Derivatives act as a good hedging tool against price volatility. You can take a high exposure on a stock or security by paying a small margin. For example: If the stocks are priced at Rs 10 lakh and you have only Rs 2 lakhs in hand, this product will still help you take a position. Derivatives offe...
What are the different types of derivatives?
Futures: In futures trading, it is the owner responsibility to buy or sell a contract at a pre-defined time and price. Here, there are standard conditions to follow. Forward: It is the owner’s responsibility to buy or sell a contract at a pre-defined time and price. However, it the conditions...
How do Futures Contract work?
Futures Contract is a contract to buy or sell pre-defined quantities of an instrument at a specified price and time. Future contract has standardised conditions such as price, quantity and time. The owner of the contract has the obligation to buy or sell in future. Price is determined by supply and...

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