• Quick Approval : Your claim can get approved within an estimated time of a mere 24 hours from the time your vehicle reaches the garage.

  • Digital : Buy the motor insurance online from the comfort of your home for added convenience.

  • Helpline : You can avail the toll-free help line for any motor insurance policy queries and claims.

  • Transparency : The claim settlement process is extremely fair and transparent.


To know more about Motor Insurance
Why do I need to insure my vehicle?

In India, it is mandatory to insure all vehicles at least for third party liability risks which cover owners against all legal liability for bodily injuries or death or property damage to any third party due to accident involving vehicle in a public area.

What are the different types of vehicle which can be Insured online at one电竞(新疆)在线登录 Ergo?

One can insure private cars and two-wheelers with one电竞(新疆)在线登录 ERGO motor insurance plans.

What are the benefits of buying motor insurance online ?

The biggest advantage of buying motor insurance policies online is that it is convenient, and comes with better terms that helps simplify your purchasing decision. You can compare the different plans and decide on which one will best suit your vehicle type. Also, online motor insurance policies offer you other facilities such as renewal reminder, secure payment gateways and tracking.

What will be premium for my vehicle ?

Premium depends upon various factors such as vehicle type, make and model, cubic capacity, place of registration, usage, previous claim history, etc. of the vehicle.

Please note that one电竞(新疆)在线登录 Securities is a corporate agent of one电竞(新疆)在线登录 ERGO. The Contract of insurance is between one电竞(新疆)在线登录 ERGO and the Insured only and one电竞(新疆)在线登录 Securities is not a party to the said contract. Participation by customer to buy insurance policy is purely voluntary. Insurance is the subject matter of the solicitation. For more details on coverage, terms and conditions, please read the policy document carefully before conducting a sale.
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