Asset Class

Under the NPS, all individual contributions are pooled into a pension fund. The fund is then invested into diversified portfolios comprising of government bonds, bills, corporate debentures and shares by PFRDA regulated professional fund managers as per the approved investment guidelines.  

There are four Asset Classes:

  • Equity - Subscribers can invest upto 75% of their contribution here
  • Corporate Bond – Subscribers can invest 100% of their contribution here
  • Government Bond- Subscribers can invest 100% of their contribution here
  • Alternative Infrastructure- Subscribers can invest up to 5% of their contribution here

Investment Choice

The NPS scheme allows you to diversify your portfolio between equity and debt instruments and offers its subscribers two approaches to invest.

  • Active Choice:  If you choose this option you can actively decide as to how the NPS pension wealth is to be invested across Asset classes namely; Equity (up to 75%), Asset Class C (100%), Asset Class G (100%) and Asset Class A (5%). You will be allowed to change your asset allocation twice in a financial year.

  • Auto Choice: In this option, the investments will be made in a life-cycle fund. Here, the proportion of funds invested across three asset classes will be determined by a pre-defined portfolio (which would change as per age of subscriber).  The equity exposure will automatically decrease as the age of subscriber increases.

    There are three different options available within 'Auto Choice' -

    • Aggressive – LC 75- Equity exposure up to 75%
    • Moderate – LC 50- Equity exposure up to 50%
    • Conservative – LC 25- Equity exposure up to 25%

Fund Returns

There are 7 different Pension Fund Managers authorized by the PFRDA to manage the subscriber’s investments in the most efficient way. The Latest Returns by each of these seven managers are updated on a weekly basis. You can use this information as a base to decide which PFM you wish to select. Click here to check the latest returns

NPS Calculator

My age now
18 years 59 years
How much you invest P/M
What returns you are expecting
4 10

Your pension wealth on retirement would be

Principal Invested
Interest Earned

Future Option

Lumpsum withdrawal at 60 years

0% 60%
Lumpsum Withdrawal
Pension Wealth Invested
Pension Per Month

* Min 40% of Pension Wealth should be invested in life annuity

What is the National Pension System (NPS)?
The NPS is a new contributory pension scheme launched by Government of India with effect from 1 January 2004. NPS is regulated by Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA), was first introduced for government employees and was opened for all citizens of India in 2009. Under the NPS, ...
How can a subscriber get registered for NPS?

Any Individual who wants to get registered as a subscriber and wants to open a Permanent Retirement Account (PRA)(Tier I) in NPS would submit the duly filled form (Composite application form for subscriber registration) with other supporting KYC documents to one电竞(新疆)在线登录 securities Ltd.

Where do I get the registration forms?

Application form for registration for NPS can be downloaded from the  website. You need to forward the duly filled subscriber registration form, photograph, 1st contribution cheque & self-attested KYC documents to one电竞(新疆)在线登录 securities corporate office at Kanjurmarg, Mumbai.

Is there any upper limit of Investment?

No there is no upper limit on Investment in NPS.

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