Educational Video

For investors looking to understand NCDs, this video explores the basic concept of NCDs, levels of risk and payoff structures.

Key Features of NCDs

Easily Tradable NCD investment are listed on the open stock markets and exchanges.

Direct Bank Credit Interest on NCD investment is paid by a direct bank credit.

Digitalised Issuance and Trading of NCD investment is in the demat form only.

Lower Risk Only companies with a good credit rating can issue secured NCDs.

Key Benefits of NCDs

Better returns
Secured NCDs provide a higher NCD interest rate to their investors.

Good Liquidity
Sell NCD investments on stock exchanges or exercise the Put/Call option.

No Upfront Tax
No tax is deducted at source as per the provisions of Sec 193 of the IT Act

NCD Investments add diversification to your portfolio with income security.

NCD Reckoner

Check out our NCD Reckoner to identify the right NCD investment opportunity for you.

Tax Free Bonds

Name Rating LTP Interest Payout Coupon Rate Tenor Residual Maturity YTM

Taxable Bonds

Name Rating LTP Interest Payout Coupon Rate Tenor Residual Maturity YTM

Secondary Market NCDs

Compare secured NCD Investments presented with credit rating, maturity and coupon rate and invest in secured NCDs available in the secondary market.


Get all your queries answered here

What is Put Option in a NCD?

A put option in NCD means that the investor has an option to surrender the NCD if he wants to, and get back his/her principal. The put option provides the investor with a lot of flexibility. If NCD interest rates go up, and the investor can get better rates from the market, he can exercise the put option and get back his/her principal which can be invested elsewhere.

What is Call Option in a NCD?

A call option in NCD means that the company has an option to ask the investor to surrender the NCD in exchange for the principal investment. A call option gives flexibility to the company. If NCD interest rates go down, and the company can get funds at lower rates from the market, it can exercise the call option to give the money back and can raise money from the market at lower rates.

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