OFS Allocation, settlement& Timing.

  • No allocation will be made in case order/bid is below floor price.
  • Minimum of 25% of the shares offered shall be reserved for mutual funds and insurance companies, subject to allocation methodology
  • No single bidder other than mutual funds and insurance companies shall be allocated more than 25% of the size of offer for sale.
  • Settlement shall take place on trade for trade basis. For non-institutional orders/bids and for institutional orders with 100% margin, settlement shall take place on T+1 day. In case of orders/bids of institutional investors with no margin, settlement shall be as per the existing rules for secondary market.
  • Client can place OFS order from 9.15 am to 2.45 pm
  • Modification of orders in OFS is allowed.
  • In case OFS order get rejected from the exchange for any reason, bid will not go through.

Ongoing OFS

How to bid in OFS

If total bid value is not exceeding 2 lakh rupees then the investor can apply in retail category. In other cases, the investor has to apply in the HNI category.

To apply for OFS you simply have to Login – Click on IPO/OFS option – Select OFS Apply

What is Floor Price?

Sellers have to provide a floor price on T-2/T-1 day (T being day of OFS). The floor price is the price at and above which an investor can place their orders.

Under Retail category what is the maximum amount investor can invest?

An investor can invest up to Rs 2 lakhs under retail category in one company's OFS.

Does a client gets discount, if he buys shares through OFS?

In some OFS, retail investors may be offered a discount on the floor price, especially if it is an OFS of PSU companies.

How can I invest/Participate in OFS?

You can invest/participate in OFS with the help of your HSL account. Customers can login to their trading accounts and place bids by following the below mentioned steps:

Login – Click on IPO/OFS option – Select OFS Apply

NRI clients can apply through Relationship Manager or Central Dealing Desk.

Open Account Now
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